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Doing your Legal Will Online does not mean doing it alone.  Meet Frank – where technology meets history, rights protection, and functionality.  Frank will walk you through the entire process for both simple and complex Wills and then hand you over to a member of our inhouse legal team to ensure legally compliant finalisation of your Will.

Frank assists you to complete your legal Will together with one of our Lawyers in this simple three step process.  If you have a simple Will, Frank will be able to give you a quote, starting at $400.  If your documents are more complex, our lawyers will give you a quote when they contact you after receiving your information from Frank. 

You can Contact Us at any stage of the process.


Meet Frank – Your Online Will Assistant



Simple Three Step Process to Your Legal Will





About Frank

We live and breathe tying in deeply steeped legal traditions with our modern and technical approach to efficient legal service delivery.  As such, with the utmost respect and gratitude, this naming convention pays homage to our Founding Partner, Frank Slee (you can read more about him here).